Setting & Viewing Cost Center Budgets: for Brightflag Customers (Clients)

Setting top-down budgets, along with forecasting the outcome of that budget, is an essential step in gaining visibility on your spending and reducing costs. Brightflag’s cost center budgeting tools let you do just this.

Admin users can set budgets. Department Overview Users and Admin users can view all budgets that have been set.

**Essential Reading**

For a detailed list of all budget types available on Brightflag, please refer to the following help articles:

To set a cost center budget:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Financial Management > Cost Center Budgets.

  2. Click Add Budget.

  3. Enter a Budget Name.

  4. Enter a Budget Amount.
    • This is the budget for the fiscal year.

  5. Choose a Budget Type.
    • This can be either Overall, Department, Entity, Vendor, or Matter Group.
  6. Choose a Budget Value.

  7. Select a Fiscal Year.

  8. Finalise the setup by clicking Add Budget.

You can set as many budgets as you’d like. We recommend starting with an overall budget before tackling more specific areas of your spend.


Viewing Phased Budgets Charts 


Viewing a Periodic Budget Chart



Now that you have these powerful insights to hand so it's time to interpret the results and take action. Click here to learn more. 

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