Corporate Records

Use this template to set up a secure, shared repository for your company's corporate records. Customize the extensive folder structure in the Records Tab to fit your company's needs. Invite colleagues to participate as Editors in maintenance of the repository

1 Initial setup

Create a new workroom using the template. Designate the workroom as a Records workroom, which will allow you to easily copy files to new project workrooms, such as data rooms for a transaction.

2 Invite the Team

In the new workroom, use Add People to invite your colleagues to the workroom.

Invite them as an Editor if they need to be involved in maintaining the records; they will be able to modify the workroom.

Invite them as a Viewer, if you want them to be able to see and download files, but not make changes to the workroom. 

3 Maintain records

Use the workroom as your system of records for corporate documents. 

Use the three-dot context menu to get a link to any file or folder. Share the link in any other workroom or by email, and any user with permission to see the resource can find it immediately.

When any file or folder requires action, you can also use the context menu to Create a Task on the object. The task will include a link to the object, and can be assigned to anyone else in the workroom.

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