Risk Management for Corporate Legal

Assess and organize your legal department's risk management efforts with this comprehensive checklist and suggested initiatives. Invite colleagues with risk management responsibilities to this workroom, and share and assign individual tasks. 

Use this workroom as a central location to store key documents relating to risk management, and to memorialize your activities.


1  Clone and customize template 

Create a new workroom from the Risk Management for Legal Departments template and give it a unique name, so everyone on your team knows what it is immediately. 

Important: Designate your new workroom as a Records Workroom so that you can create related workrooms that can share reference materials easily.


2  Publish template 

When you publish a template, other people in your organization can find it. Unpublished templates are visible only to invited parties.  

To publish a template, click Settings on the menu tab and locate the PUBLISH TEMPLATE heading on the left pane.

To publish, toggle on the Published for copying switch. Toggle the other switch to enable or disable non-Admin users to add, delete, or rename folders. 



3  Deploy template 

Once the workroom is created, customize the tasks to fit local circumstances. Your task customizations may include: 

  • Tasks or content to address regional differences. 
  • Roles and responsibilities for each stakeholder in the assessment process. 
  • Timetables for objectives or program roll-out (such as internal training or revised recruitment policies). 


4  Invite colleagues 

Invite all relevant parties to the main workroom to review documents and collect input.


5  Store  in records

For any item that has required documentation, policy statements, reports, research, insurance policies or other materials, store them in the Records, which comes pre-loaded with a customizable default file structure. Customize the folder list to meet your needs.

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