Employee Departure (Template)

Use this solution to manage your employee departure process. Each time an employee leaves (voluntary or involuntary), you can create a new workroom that clones your firm’s policies, resources, and procedures checklist. You can also bring in related documentation from a Records workroom, such as employee reviews and agreements.



1. Clone and customize the template

Create a new workroom from the Brightflag Workspace Employee Severance template and give it a unique name, so everyone on your team knows what it is immediately. This becomes the template you can use to create new workrooms for future employee severances.



Step 2 - Optionally connect a records room.



2. Publish the template

When you publish a template, other people in your organization can find it. Unpublished templates are visible only to invited parties.

To publish a template, click Settings on the menu tab and locate the PUBLISH TEMPLATE heading on the left pane.

To publish, toggle on the Published for copying toggle. Toggle the other switch to enable or disable non-Admin users to add, delete or rename folders.


3. Deploy template

Once the workroom is created, customize the tasks to fit your circumstances. If any task is not necessary under the circumstances, you may explain why in a comment.

Your task customizations may include:

  • A checklist to retrieve company property such as keys, phones, or credit cards.
  • IT department notifications regarding network access termination and data backups.
  • Procedures to notify clients of staff changes.


4. Invite colleagues

Invite all relevant parties to the main workroom for the severance session, including colleagues who handle human resources and finance. Assign tasks, subtasks, and due dates, when applicable. If you have a workroom for exit interviews, invite only HR staff and other appropriate persons to it.


5. Store the work product

For any item that has required documentation, upload documents as Reference Files to the Records workroom. These could include HR files (such as performance reviews or written warnings), confidentiality agreements, and voluntary resignation letters.

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