Company Forms Library

Use this template to give your team a definitive source for the forms and documents used in the company's business. Start from a detailed folder structure and customize it for your needs. Invite colleagues (including from outside of the legal department) as Viewers so they always have access to the latest forms.

1 Initial setup

Create a new workroom using the template. Give it a name to match your company, like "XYZ Corp. Forms Library." 

Customize the folder list in Records so that it reflects the types of forms that you want to publish for your team. Upload the current copy of each form into the appropriate folder.


2 Invite the Team  

In the new workroom, use Add People to invite your colleagues to the workroom.  

Invite them as an Editor if they need to be involved in maintaining the forms; they will be able to modify the workroom.  

Invite them as a Viewer, if you want them to be able to see and download forms, but not make changes to the workroom. This is the setting to use when you make the workroom available generally for people in your company. This might include salespeople who need access to the latest sales agreement forms. 


3 Maintain the forms

You can use the workroom actively to discuss and maintain forms among the workroom editors. When a form needs revision or updating by someone else, u  se the three-dot context menu to get a link to any file or folder or to create a task that references the resourceAssign the task as appropriate.  


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