Due Diligence Checklist (VC Financing)

Conduct due diligence efficiently with this comprehensive checklist and folder taxonomy. Invite the respondent to attach requested documents or explanations on any requested item. 

1 Create the workroom from the template 

From the Workrooms homepage, click New Workroom

In the first step, choose the Due Diligence Checklist template. Typically you do not need to connect your new workroom to a Records Workroom.

Add the Workroom details, including a name that identifies the subject company or project so you can find it easily, like "ABC Corp. Series A Diligence."


2 Customize if necessary

The checklist is comprehensive, but you should review it to make sure it covers any special considerations for the subject company.

3 Invite workroom members

In addition to anyone from your organization involved in the project, use Add People to invite people from the company responding to the diligence request.

For each requested item, they can upload responsive materials directly in the workroom on the relevant task. They can also add explanations as comments to the Task. If desired, you can ask them to affirmatively state in a comment that the item is not applicable.


4 Review the responses

When the responses are complete, you can easily review them by scanning the workroom task list. Files and comments on tasks are indicated by blue icons. To request further explanation, use the chat in the task to keep responses organized.


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