Patent Prosecution (US)

Use this solution to track and manage the prosecution of US patents with outside counsel. Upload disclosure documents, assign responsibility for necessary materials, track filing deadlines and store determination documents in a pre-configured folder structure. Share a calendar of deadlines with instant access to drafts and issues for discussion. 

1  Clone and customize  

For each patent application or set of related applications, , create a new workroom from this template. When you select New Workroom, you'll see your template choices in the first step.

Customize the template by naming it in a way that will be easy for others to locate, such as "ABC Corp Spinning Widget Invention."


2  Invite outside counsel 

After you create the workroom, click Invite People and follow the steps to invite colleagues at your company who are involved in the process, such as the inventors. 

Then invite the outside counsel responsible for the prosecution. You can invite them in the Editor role, which is the default. 

They will be able to invite colleagues from their firm to the workroom if they are on the same business email domain. 

There is no charge for their use of Brightflag Workspace. When invited, they also will be offered free training and support.

3  Instruct counsel  

Provide counsel with your instructions for maintaining the case in Brightflag Workspace, including:

  • Ask counsel to customize the list of relevant task events.
  • Ask counsel to add Due Dates to each task as they become known, such as the date on which a filing is due.
  • Ask counsel to upload documents or other materials to the appropriate task when it requires your review, approval or awareness; and to make you a follower of the task, or use the @ symbol to mention you, so that you will receive an email of needed action.
  • As final documents are received, ask counsel to file them in the appropriate folders in the Records tab of the workroom. 

4  Monitor from calendar  

Click the calendar icon in the left navigation to see all deadlines in a calendar format. Click on any task to reveal the task pane to see details and any documents requiring review. Comment within the task to communicate with counsel.

This workflow creates a record of all activity in the workroom, so that everything relating to the application is in one place.  It is searchable and immediately available for reference.

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