Secure Data Room

This solution provides a secure space for a third-party to review company records, which can be helpful in connection with an investment, lending, acquisition or other transaction. You can select which records to make available, provide third-party access and see when they have accessed the materials.  

1 Create a Related Workroom 

Start in the principal Records Workroom that contains your organization's records. 

Select Create Related Workroom

Give your new workroom a name. Note that the name will be visible to anyone who you invite. 

2 Import files from the Records Workroom 

Click Add Records and use the checkboxes to select the Records you want to share in the deal room. These will be visible to anyone you invite. 

Click “Create Workroom.” 

3 Add additional files, if any 

If you need to add additional files, find them in any workroom, place them in the basket. 

Return to the new Related Workroom and add the files (and any new folders).

4 Invite colleagues 

If you need to add files in possession of colleagues, external professionals or others, invite them to the new workroom.  

Add a task for each requested item, assign it to them and (if time sensitive) add a due date.  

If you want them to upload a file to a specific folder, provide a link to the folder location. 

They will be notified of the task and the instructions to upload. Once finished, they can mark it complete, and you will be notified as a follower of the task. 

5 Invite guests 

When the records in the workroom are complete, you can invite third parties to visit the workroom and inspect the records.  

In the deal workroom, click Add People.

Choose the Restricted Viewer role to prevent deal room guests from seeing and making comments or seeing others In the workroom. They will not be able to download folders or files. 

Also, do not check the box to provide them with access to existing Tasks. 

6 See activity 

Use the Download button labeled "Activity log as csv" in the Settings tab to save a record of activity in the workroom. 

7 Close the workroom 

To terminate the deal room and end third-party access, visit the Settings tab in the workroom.  

For each external user, change the permission setting to No access.  


Archive the workroom to exclude it by default from search results and your active workroom views. 


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