Templates: What are Brightflag Templates and how do I use them?

Like other template workrooms, Brightflag Workspace Templates are workrooms pre-configured for a particular kind of legal project. Brightflag Workspace Templates are created by Brightflag Workspace Solution Editors and select third-party experts. Use them to save time and ensure consistency across all of your team’s projects. 

How to find Brightflag Workspace Templates:  

  • When creating a new Workroom, Brightflag Workspace Templates are available in the first step, below any Private or Shared Template workrooms to which you belong. Scroll through or search for what you need.        
  • On your Workrooms page, Brightflag Workspace Templates appear in the All Templates selection; or you can apply a column filter to see only Brightflag Workspace Templates.   
  • Brightflag Workspace Templates appear in Workroom searches; use the Workroom type filter to see only Brightflag Workspace Templates.     

How to use Brightflag Workspace Templates:  

  1. Hover over the Workroom card to reveal the Use Template button, and click it.  
  2. On the Workroom creation page, your Brightflag Workspace Template will be pre-selected. Continue to create the Workroom, adding details and connections to any Records Workroom.   
  3. Customize your new workroom for your needs. Then in Workroom Settings, use the Template toggle to make your new Workroom into a template that can be used again and again for new projects.  
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