Tasks: How do I create a Task?

A project can be broken into any number of Tasks and Subtasks. In a Workroom, you can organize and prioritize Tasks, assign them to members of the Workroom, set due dates and track progress. 

To create a Task:

Navigate to the Tasks tab in the Workroom. 



Select mceclip1.png located at the far-right side of the screen.

The New Task sidebar will open. Enter the details of the task, including:

  • Give the Task a name (required)
  • Assign an Owner (optional), by selecting from the list of Workroom Members
  • Set the Due Date for the Task (optional)
  • Add a Description (optional), which might include details about the task and how it should be completed
  • Add any number of Documents relevant to the Task (optional), such as a draft Word document; you will be able to create new versions of the Document and they will be shown here in order.
  • Break down the Task into individual Subtasks (optional), each of which can be assigned to a different Owner, and can have its own set of Documents.
  • Add any number of Reference Files (optional), which may include documents relevant to the Task, but which don't need to be revised and versioned.

When you have entered all the information and documents you need, select Create Task

Note: A new Task must be shared with other members of the Workroom in order for them to see it. The checkbox to share with your own Organization is pre-checked; to share with other Organizations, go to the 'Add people' section and use the mceclip2.pngbutton.




The new Task will appear in the Workroom Task list, and you can come back to it any time to make updates.

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