Tasks: How do I create a new version of a document?

Brightflag Workspace Tasks allows you to create and edit new versions of attached documents. The original document can remain unchanged and be compared to new versions as they are created.

To create a new version of a document in Brightflag Workspace:

  • Navigate to the Task with the document(s) attached
  • Find the document needing a new version, click the three-dot more options menu and select New Version
  • A new version pop-up window will appear where you 1) add a note to identify the version, 2) add a local working version [optional], and 3) can choose to share or change permissions of workroom members [optional].  
  • Click Create Version when ready.
  • The new version will automatically open in the native format of the document (i.e. MS Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) 
  • In Brightflag Workspace, the new version of the document becomes the most current version shown attached to the Task.
  • All previous versions can be seen and previewed by clicking next to the document name. 
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