Tasks: How do I communicate with colleagues using Tasks?

The comment feature of the Task panel allows the user to share comments with other users following the Task.  

You can easily add a comment by typing into the comment box and clicking enter.  The comment will be added to the log and can be seen by any Task follower.  

You can also mention someone specifically by using the @ symbol and choosing the name of a workroom member.  

This person will receive an email notification telling them that they were mentioned in a comment and providing a link to see the task and comment in Brightflag Workspace.


Comments can also be embedded directly in Word and other Office files, using their native functionality.    These files can be attached to Brightflag Workspace Tasks where they can be previewed, versioned up, edited or downloaded.

As task followers continue to review work and add or respond to comments., each Task becomes a channel of communication and collaboration.

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