Files (Folders and Documents): How do I add a folder or subfolder to Workroom Records?

Getting and staying organised means creating folders and subfolders as this will improve your overall time efficiency and general navigation around matters and projects. 

To create a new folder in a Workroom, select the connected "Records Workroom" attached to the WR in question:



In the Records section, select the "Files" tab and select the location where you want to create a new folder/subfolder.

Select the New Folder icon; a blank field will open in the section you selected.



Enter the name of your new folder.

Click Enter to save and your new folder has been created.

Here's how to create a subfolder: Click the three dots next to the folder you are creating the subfolder under, and click the corresponding option from the context menu. Follow the same steps to name your subfolder.



Here's how to create a subfolder: Highlight the folder where you want the new subfolder and click the three dots for the context menu to show up. Then, select the "New Subfolder" option. Follow the same steps as above to name your subfolder.


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