Legal Hold (Template)

Use this template workroom to manage the process of creating, confirming and terminating a legal hold order. Invite responsible colleagues to the workroom to verify hold status and confirm covered materials.


1. Create and customize your master template

Start by creating a new workroom from this template by clicking Use this Template. This will become the template that is customized to reflect the legal hold policy favoured by your organization. You and your colleagues will be able to create a new workroom from this template for each legal hold event.

Give your new workroom a name that distinguishes it, such as “XYZ Corp. Legal Hold Checklist.”



2. Invite users

Once your master template is ready to use, invite colleagues who are responsible for carrying out legal holds within your organization. If you do not want any colleague to be able to make changes to the template, invite them in the Viewer role so they can use but not modify the template.  

If you want to provide broader access to the template within your organization, you can assign a group to the workroom to allow anyone in the group to discover the workroom through search and use it.  


3. Create a new workroom from your customized template

Use your master template to create a New Workroom for each individual legal hold event. Modify the workroom title to include the date or other identifier of the legal matter.

Invite any colleagues who are involved in the matter or may be helpful in constructing your response.


4. Use the checklist to implement a legal hold

When initiating a legal hold, use this checklist to follow a uniform process. Adjust the process as necessary for each individual case.


5. Store the required documents

Upload and maintain preserved documents in the Records tab to keep them with the record of review.

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