Tasks: How do I share Tasks with other Workroom members?

By sharing Tasks in Brightflag Workspace, you can collaborate around a set of to-do items, topics or documents as part of a Workroom project. When you share a Task with someone, you give them permission to see the Task and, if they are an Editor or Admin, to take actions in that Task. They will see the Task in their Task list in the Workroom.


You can share Tasks in several ways:


Share Tasks through Invitations

The quickest way to share existing Tasks is at the time you invite someone new to a Workroom. Look for these choices on the Invite page:



When you are inviting someone from an Organization already in the Workroom, you’ll see that the sharing box is checked by default. Keep that selection if you want to give the new member access to the same Tasks seen by all of their colleagues.

If you want to share fewer than all Tasks with any new members you invite, uncheck the box and then after sending the invitation, follow the instructions below to share from the Task list.



When you are inviting someone from an Organization new to the Workroom, you might want to give them access to all of the existing Tasks in the Workroom. To do this, check the second box.

Note:  The new member will not see prior comments on Tasks or any prior versions of documents in the Tasks that you share. This allows you to collaborate within your Organization in confidence prior to sharing Tasks with other Organizations.


Share Tasks by adding Followers

When you have just created a new Task, the easiest way to share it is to add other Workroom members as Followers. They will be notified of new activity on the Task, and when you make them a Follower, you will also automatically share the Task with them.



Note: You can only make someone a Follower of a Task if they are already a member of the Workroom. You can share Tasks with them as part of your invitation (see Share Tasks on Invitation above).


Share from the Task list

If the Workroom includes Tasks that have not been shared with current members, you can share one or more Tasks with them as follows:

From the Task tab, use the checkboxes to select the Tasks you want to share.

Select the "Add People To Selected Task" icon that appears above the Task list.


You will see a Share Tasks panel emerge. Select the Workroom Member you want to share with and what permission level you want them to have.  Review the Tasks and related files that they will see.


 If you also want them to be a Follower of any Task you share, you can do so from the Task sidebar as mentioned above.


Share Tasks through the Permissions panel

If you are an Admin of a Task, you can share a Task with any other user by changing their permissions to the Task in the permissions panel.

In the Task's sidebar, select the "People" button and choose the desired permission next to a user, specifically for the task you have selected.



The permissions panel for the Task will open, and you can grant access to any individual member or all members of their Organization.

Please note that Members are not notified when given access through the Task permissions panel.

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