Files (Folders and Documents): I edited a document but the changes didn't save. What can I do?

If you install & use the Brightflag Workspace desktop tool, you can open files directly from links in Brightflag Workspace, make changes, and they will automatically be saved to Brightflag Workspace.


If your changes did not save as expected:

  • Make sure that the tool is installed and running on your computer. You can see an icon in your taskbar when the tool is active:

  • Make sure that you have saved and closed the file on your computer, then check the file again in Brightflag Workspace. Usually, changes to a file should be visible within less than 10 seconds, but sometimes this can take longer.
  • Look for the file in your local file manager, in case you used the "Save As" feature to create a new copy (which may not be seen by Brightflag Workspace). If you find the file that includes your most recent edits, you can use it to replace an existing file in Brightflag Workspace, as follows:
    • Find the file in Brightflag Workspace and open the three-dot menu on the file.
    • Choose "Replace File," which will open your local file manager.
    • Select the file that includes your changes.
    • The local file will be substituted as the file in Brightflag Workspace.
    • The file that was replaced will be moved to the Recycle Bin; the file name will now include "(replaced)" at the end.

If that still didn't do the trick, please contact Brightflag Support.

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