Files (Folders and Documents): How do I add files to Workroom Records?

You can easily add files to any Workroom, either by drag-and-drop or selection. 

To copy files into a Brightflag Workspace Workroom by drag and drop: 

  • Open the destination Workroom and select the Records Tab. 
  • In your local file manager or Outlook email, find and highlight the files you want to copy into Brightflag Workspace. 
  • Drag and drop the selected items directly to the location where you want them. 


To upload files into a Workroom folder, follow these steps: 

  • In your Workroom under the Records tab, highlight the folder where you want to place the new file.   
  • Select the Upload icon located at top right corner of the screen.  
  • There are 3 options for how to select files for upload: 

          1.  Select the computer icon in the upper left corner or the browse link to explore your computer’s files.  

          2.  Select the basket to upload copies of files from other workrooms 

          3.  Select the disk drive  icon to add folders and files from your local directory

  • Select the file(s) you wish to upload. To upload multiple files from a PC, hold down the control key and select your files.  
  • Select Open on your PC to add the file(s) to the upload window. The file(s) will appear in window with a blue Upload button.  
  • Select the Upload button to begin the upload. A status pop-up window will be displayed.  

The uploaded file(s) will be now be displayed in the folder indicated.

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