Tasks: How can I organize Tasks in a Workroom?

In Workroom Tasks, you can put your list of Tasks in any order using the grabber icon on the right edge of the Task; or you can pull down the sort menu to place them in order by Due Date or Owner. Select "Custom" to return them to their prior order.


Sorting by owner name, due date, priority:


You can also add section headings within your Task list, by selecting. Then use the Task grabber to move any Task (including all of its Subtasks) under any section heading. Or click "+ Add Task" within the section bar and a new Task will be created in the section. 

Using the checkbox on the left of the section heading, you can select an entire section and all of its Tasks and Subtasks, and then share or delete all of them.

Note: Any Tasks that aren't under a section must be at the top of the Task list.

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