Files (Folders and Documents): How do I move a copy of a file to a new location using the Basket?

Brightflag Workspace's Basket feature provides a powerful way to copy any set of files from almost any location to almost any other location. Here's how to use it:

  • Locate file that you want to move. If the file is in the Records tab, use the three-dot more options menu and select "Add to Basket". 
  • The Basket icon is visible in the upper right corner of every page.  And as you add files you will see the number on the icon increase reflecting the number of files currently in your basket.   
  • Click on the Basket icon to the current contents.
  • You can continue to add files to the Basket from other folders or Workrooms.
  • When you are ready to add copies of files, go to any workroom task or folder where you want these copies placed and select the upload icon.
  • The uploader will open, where you can select the Basket, and then choose the files to be copied. 
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