Info: How can I add reference information to a Workroom?

The Workroom Info tab has been redesigned to provide consistency across Workspace's interface. 

To Create New Info Tab Sections:

  • Open the destination Workroom
  • Click on Info

  • Click the +Add Section button at the top right.  Choose from 2 options:
  • Contact Section – Enter information for all your case contacts.
    • Name Section (i.e., Contact Info). Once the Name is added, hit ENTER.
    • Click +Add Contact on the right side of the Section to open side panel.   
    • Enter contact details, Name and Company are required.
    • Click +Add Relationship to include relationship details.  Click Save.
  • Standard Section – Enter relevant information you want to track.
    • Name Section (i.e., Company Info). Click Enter.

    • Click +Add on right side of new Section.
    • Choose field type - Single-line text, Multi-line text, Date, URL.
    • Provide field Title and Value; Notes are optional. Click Save.
    • Click +Add for each additional field to be added.

To Edit Info Tab Details:

  • Click into the Contact Field Name or Standard Field Title.
  • The side panel will open. Click to Edit the entry.  Click Save.
  • Click a column heading to sort the section by that column.
  • Click and drag column separators to shrink or expand column width.
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