How do I search in Brightflag Workspace?

In Brightflag Workspace you can find exactly what you're looking for through our advanced search. Here's how it works.

Instant Search

Brightflag Workspace search starts working as you type, offering workrooms that match your search (most recently visited first).

Or select Search this workroom's files or View all results, whichever you need.

Search Page

Go to the Search Page by selecting the search icon in the left navigation bar. Enter your query in the search bar and enter to see results.


Search Tabs

At the top of the search results page, you can limit your search results to include only specific kinds of objects, such as Files or Workrooms. (Soon this will also include Comments, Tasks, People and Organizations.)

You can also filter any set of results using the selections on the right column, to use parameters like who created the document, when it was added or modified, or the Workroom to which it was added. The filter selections available vary depending on the results of your search.

Enterprise Group Workrooms

In general, your search results only include Workrooms of which you are a member. In some Enterprises, you can search for Workrooms even if you are not a member, and join any Workroom in your results, even without an invitation. You will see this confirmation.


Workroom Search

In any Workroom, you can also find the search box on the top of the page, type in your query and press Enter. 

Your results will be filtered to include only objects in the Workroom where you are searching. Uncheck that filter to broaden your search to all Workrooms.

Advanced Queries

Brightflag Workspace supports these advanced search queries:

If you place "AND" in your query, you will only see results in which both parts of the query are present.

If you place "OR" in your query, you will see results in which either parts of the query are present.

If you include "NOT" in your query, results including what follows will be excluded from the results.

If you place quotation marks (" ") around any PHRASE in the query, only exact matches to that complete phrase will be considered in the results (and not any individual words within it).

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