How do users access Brightflag Workspace?

Some companies have their own Brightflag Workspace instance, accessed from a private subdomain. Here's how to find it: 

  • Navigate to the Brightflag Workspace App 
  • Click Create Account
  • Enter your email address
  • Complete Microsoft Prompts
  • Click Enter

Where do I sign in to Brightflag Workspace?

Brightflag Workspace is available in several different environments, some of which are dedicated to working for particular organizations or storing data in particular geographies.

Here's how to get to the right place:

If you are not attempting to access a Workroom as a client and you are:

If you are attempting to access a Workroom as a client and you are:

In a future release, Brightflag Workspace will provide a single sign-in page that will direct you to the appropriate instance.


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