How do I configure the Outlook Sidebar for Workspace?

The Outlook Sidebar integration for Brightflag Workspace enables users to bring their emails and files into the workroom directly from the Outlook web app or desktop app.

You can add these files to the “Files” tab in any workroom or as a task to your enterprise’s intake workroom.


Workspace Configuration:

Follow these instructions to download and install the Outlook integration:

  1. Sign in to the Brightflag Workspace app
  2. Click on the “App Center” icon on the left-hand side at the bottom
  3. Click the Enable button under "Workspace for Outlook" to download the Outlook XML file
  4. In Outlook, selecting an email displays the menu on the right side. Click the Add-Ins icon in this menu and choose “Get add-ins”

  5. Select “My add-ins” in the left sidebar and scroll to the bottom. Choose “Add a custom add-in” and use the downloaded XML file
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