Publishing updates from a records (parent) workroom to its related (child) workrooms

Use publishing to ensure these stay in sync if you want the same files and folders across multiple workrooms. This will save you time in administrative efforts while still giving you full control over who sees what. 

  1. Navigate to the relevant records (parent) workroom.
    • These workrooms will say “Records” under the workroom name.
  2. Navigate the related tab to see your related (child) workrooms.
  3. Click select folders beside the relevant related workroom.
  4. Choose the folders from your records (parent) workroom that you want to publish to your related (child) workroom. Then click save folder selection.
  5. After the saving is complete, you will be returned to the screen from Step 1. The number of folders and files listed beside the related (child) workroom has now been updated.
  6. Finally, click on publish beside the related (child) workroom. Then click proceed.
  7. Publishing is now complete. You can confirm this by looking at the last published date and last progress status.

As you continue to make changes to your records (parent) workroom, you can opt to publish these updates to your related (child) workroom whenever appropriate. Versioning will be tracked as normal.

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