Installing Workspace Tools on your Device

Workspace Tools enables you to edit and check out documents from Workspace. 


  • In Workspace, click the settings icon near the bottom of the navigation sidebar.
  • Click on the “App Center” tab.
  • Click on your operating system’s button to download the installation file.
  • After clicking, you will see a modal with a brief description of how Workspace Tools works.

Workspace Tools Window Controls

  • Windows 10 - Next to the date/time and other taskbar controls are all the tray apps installed on your computer. In this list you can find Workspace Tools, which you can double-click to open its controls. NOTE: If it’s not listed here, then you may boot it up from your start menu.
  • Mac OS X - coming soon.

Workspace Tools settings

Main Controls:

  • Pin icon - Pin Workspace Tools to your taskbar.
  • Gear icon - Workspace Tools settings.
  • Collapse Arrows icon - Minimize the Workspace Tools tray app window.
  • Lower left text - Indicates whether or not you are logged in.

Application Settings:

  • View Data Folder - View the folder where your checked-out files are stored.
  • Settings - Technical application information.
  • Check For Updates - An update may resolve any app issues.
  • Exit Application - Fully shuts down Workspace Tools.
    • NOTE: If the edit icon does not appear in the Workspace web app or it is not responsive, Workspace Tools may be shut down.

Updating Workspace Tools

  • When a new release is available, you will see a notification at the top of the Workspace Tools window.
  • Check for updates in the tray app settings menu (see section above - ‘Workspace Tools main menu actions’).

After installation and configuration, you can begin using Workspace tools. 

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