Attorney Dashboard: (Clients)

The Dashboard 

Brightflag's new Attorney Dashboard is available to all non-admin users of Brightflag. Once this feature is enabled, you can access it when you login into the Brightflag application. The dashboard will be the first-page non-admin users see when they log in. 



This is a new Brightflag dashboard for all non-admin users of the platform that will enable users to view invoices awaiting their review and matters they lead in Brightflag. This dashboard makes it easier & quicker to see how your work is progressing in Brightflag. People can also export their invoices and matters from this one central place.

All non-admin users can access the new dashboard from the menu. This will not replace the spend dashboard that exists today, it will still be accessible through the menu.

It is important to note that this dashboard only caters for invoices and matters at the moment. We are looking at adding other areas to the dashboard. 

Users can sort by the invoice amount column and the submission date column. Allowing them to review their most recent and expensive invoices easily. 

The latest note on the matters tab will mean that users can see the latest information on a matter from the dashboard and then click on that exact matter from this page if they want to. 

Users can then click on the Export button to download an excel file of the results on the screen on both tabs.

If no invoices or matters are yet assigned to a user, they will see an empty state message. 

Dashboard Export Results

This report will generate results based on a user's assigned invoices in the application, with all key information relating to that invoice. The information points included in this report are:

Invoices to Review Tab

  • Invoice No
  • Vendor
  • Matter Name 
  • Matter Ref
  • In your queue
  • Submission Date
  • Flags
  • Amount

A separate report will generate results based on the assigned matters that a user has in the application, with all key information relating to that matter. The information points included in this report are:

Matters Tab

  • Matter Name
  • Matter Ref
  • Latest note
  • Vendor
  • Matter currency
  • Spend
  • Budget

The existing email flow is unchanged 

There are no special considerations for any users when receiving a pending approval invoice email. Users will be brought to where they are brought to today - the invoice search page.

Invoices to review tab


Open Matters Tab


Empty State on the Invoices Tab

Features Still to Come

We are looking at adding more tabs to this dashboard. We are also working on functionality to allow people to approve and reject invoices from the Invoice Tab on this dashboard later this year. 

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