FAQ: Capped Fees enforcement on LEDES invoices (Client Article)


Q: How is the feature activated?

A: Work with your CSM to enable this functionality for your account.

Q: Can I come up with any kind of billing description?

A: Yes, but the Billing Description must link back to a specific task code. Your vendors must use an exact match of the billing descriptions in submitted LEDES files in order for this functionality to work, so we recommend concise descriptions. They can add additional narrative after that billing description, but the initial text must be an exact match.

Q: Is an exact description required?  

A: Yes, the LINE_ITEM_DESCRIPTION on the LEDES file should match the billing description on the rate card exactly. After that exact billing description is included, additional narrative text can also be added.

Q: Are the codes themselves checked at all? 

A: Yes, we look for exact matches to LINE_ITEM_TASK_CODE. A match to both the LINE_ITEM_TASK_CODE and the LINE_ITEM_DESCRIPTION is required for the check to be performed successfully.

Q: Could we check for the exact description as part of a longer description (or does the field have to match exactly)? 

A: Yes, but the exact billing description on the rate card has to be included as part of your description in the LINE_ITEM_DESCRIPTION field of the LEDES file. After that exact billing description is included, additional narrative text can also be added.

Q: Could we use another field in the 98BI template to house this info, or does it have to be the description field? 

A: No. Currently, the functionality is mapped to the LINE_ITEM_DESCRIPTION only. 

Q: Is there any way to report on the entries?

A: The invoice report in the report builder will show you when and by how much the fee exceeded what you specified. The line item report will allow you to search for specific lines but it will not highlight if the line was part of the fixed/capped fee checks.

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