Invoice not Formatted Correctly by your Vendor

As part of continuous improvements by Brightflag, we've recently changed how we review PDFs to enhance further the capabilities & data clients get from Brightflag. As such, we've introduced a new flag: Invoice narrative lines & fee details not formatted correctly.


Overview of the new flags.

Most law firms use a standardized invoice template, which can be submitted to Brightflag without issue. However, some law firms have customized the format of their invoices to suit their individual needs. Any invoices submitted to Brightflag using a non-standard template may result in the following flag: Invoice narrative lines & fee details not formatted correctly.


What is this new flag?

If this flag appears on an invoice, it means Brightflag could not accurately extract some/all the data from the PDF invoice due to how the vendor formatted the PDF.


What action should I take if this flag appears on an invoice?

The recommended action is to reject the invoice and ask your vendor to resubmit using the correct format. For context, the correct invoice format is the most commonly adopted format used by law firms globally.

My vendor says they cannot change to this invoice format.

The PDF invoice format required by Brightflag is a globally recognized standard approach used by most law firms globally. As such, all software packages used by law firms have the functionality & capabilities to generate PDF invoices using this standard format. However, some law firms have adapted their invoice format to suit their own needs and, as such, may be reluctant to make this change.

What is the correct PDF invoice format vendors should use?

The details below provide Vendors with a PDF Invoice Guide and a Sample PDF Invoice highlighting the correct format to submit to Brightflag. 

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