Quick Invoice Approval via Email: Clients

Brightflag will introduce a new feature that enables invoice reviewers to approve or reject invoices directly from email notifications.

The email notifications will include a Brightflag AI-generated invoice summary to help reviewers quickly get an overview of the work performed. 

How does the Quick Invoice Approval work?

Once enabled for your account, you will receive an email from Brightflag with an AI-generated invoice summary. This email will replace the existing 'Pending Invoices Email' you would normally receive.

When the 'Approve' button is clicked from your email, you will be taken to a browser page with a confirmation message to notify you the invoice has been approved. You are not required to log into Brightflag to see this confirmation message, or to approve the invoice.


What details are in the Quick Approval email?

Contained in the email is a Brightflag AI-generated invoice summary and two action buttons:

  • Invoice details such as
    • Matter Name
    • Matter Ref
    • Vendor (office)
    • Invoice Number
    • Invoice Total (with adjustments)
    • Billing Period
    • Invoice flags (if any)
    • Workflow
  • AI-generated Summary
  • Approve button: You do not need to log into Bightflag to approve an invoice.
  • Go to Invoice: This will bring you to the Brightflag application where you can review the invoice in greater detail, so required. Log into Brightflag is required for this action.



Brightflag AI-generated invoice summaries

The email you receive will include a summary of the invoice generated by Brightflag AI. This summary will be a high-level overview of key actions being billed and any other relevant information. 

The screenshot below is an example of the Brightflag AI-generated summary. 


How many invoices can I action via the 'Quick Approval' feature?

Only your 10 oldest pending invoices are included with this feature. Any additional invoices will need to be actioned directly on the Brightflag platform.

Note: Only invoices pending at your own stage are included in this feature.

How do I opt out of the email approval feature?

If you wish to opt out of this feature being enabled for your account, please submit a request to customer support.

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