Accruals Submission Reminder Emails sent to Vendors: for Clients

Accruals submission reminder notifications are sent directly through the Brightflag platform. These notifications are in place for any company where Accruals are enabled.


  • Vendor Admins/Office Admins of offices with open matters.

  • Vendor Admins/Office Admins where the ‘any vendor office’ option is chosen on an open matter.

  • All vendor Admin/Office Admins users of open/active matters, which includes users that are;
    • Enabled
    • Activated (but not yet logged into Brightflag for the first time) or
    • Non-activated (who still have to complete their email verifications steps to get access to Brightflag)

Dates & Timing:

Two reminder emails will be sent to your vendors at 06:15 UTC:

  • First Reminder Email: Will be sent five calendar days before the deadline.

  • Second Reminder Email: Will be sent on the day of the deadline. Just so you know, if your deadline falls on the weekend, the reminder email will be sent on that weekend day.

The date these emails will be sent is based on your Accruals Submission Deadline and follows the time zone as configured on the Accruals Settings page.

Note: If accruals are submitted on all matters before the end date for a given vendor office, the notification emails will not be sent.

The message that your firms will see:


If you have no unbilled work for a matter but the matter is open and ongoing, you are required to enter 0 rather than leaving the accruals fields blank.

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