How do I Invite someone to join a Workroom?

If you are a Workroom Administrator or Editor, you can invite people to join your Workroom. A new user can be added to any type of Workroom, and you can set the access level they will have.


Follow these steps to invite someone to your Workroom:

1. At the top right corner of a Workroom, click on the "Add People" button located in the far right corner of the page:

In the "Add People to Workroom" pop-up that opens up, fill out the new user's email field, select their role/permission choosing from Admin, Editor, Viewer or a Restricted Viewer, enter an optional message and also choose if an email should be sent to the new user with the link to the workroom or you can disable this option and provide the link through another method. More information on each field can be found below.



Type in the email of the person you wish to invite and press enter to confirm. Select the X button next to their name should you like to remove them in the future.


Next, select the permission level that should apply to each new user. The User role is displayed next to the person’s name and defaults to Editor.  The other options are Administrator, Viewer, Restricted Viewer. Descriptions for each can be seen below the role.



In the Message field, you can provide any information that you would like to be included in the invitation, like the purpose of the Workroom or the reason they are being added.


To give the invited users Access to existing tasks in the Workroom, select the checkbox next to the desired access, choosing from the below options:



You can add more users at the same time, or alternatively repeat the steps above to add any other users to your Workroom in the future.


After you have selected all the colleagues you want to invite, select Send Invitation at the bottom of the window. The new users will be added to the Workroom and notified via email.

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