How can I limit who can see or edit a Task or File?

In a Brightflag Workspace Workroom, you may need to limit the ability of other Workroom Members to see particular Folders, Files, or Tasks. 

Here's how:

Change a User's role in the Workroom

  • If you are an Admin of a Workroom, visit the Settings Tab to see all Workroom Members and their permission role in the Workroom. 
  • You can adjust the role for all Members of their organization, or for individual Members.

  • The role that you set will apply to all Folders, Files and Tasks in the Workroom, unless you specifically set different permissions for an object.

Change a User's permission on a File or Task

  • If you are the Admin for a File, visit the permissions tab for the File to see all Workroom Members and their permissions for that File. 

  • Click on Tasks and then click on Task name.


  • Then select the Permission tab on the Left Hand Side, where you can adjust the permission for all Members of their Organization or for individual Members.


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