AP API Log: For Clients

The AP API log is used to view failed invoice transfers between the brightflag API and your AP system.

The information on Brightflag needs to match on your system or the API will return errors back which can be viewed under the message field.


To check AP API Log:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Admin Settings > AP API Log 
  2. You can use the following toggle to view invoices that have been rejected:
  3. The table below will showcase a list of invoices that the API failed to process:
  4. You can view the API request, message and system response by clicking on their respective sections highlighted below:
  5. After addressing the issue either by fixing the error displayed in the message or determining that it was a once of failure you can resend failed invoices:
    1. By selecting the invoices you want resent and using the "Resend all Selected Invoices" button:

    2. By pressing resend next to the individual invoices you want the API to try reprocessing.



For any technical assistance, you need please Submit a Request to the Brightflag Support team.

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