Legal Operations Dashboard (Clients)


Brightflag Legal Operations Dashboard is for Legal Ops administrators who will have central visibility on Invoices To Review, Blocked Invoices, Timekeeper Rates, and Accruals. You also can export each tab on the dashboard into a report.

Reach out to your Brightflag Customer Success Manager (CSM) to get this Dashboard enabled. 


To Navigate to Legal Operations Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Dashboard
  2. You will have access to three areas:
  3. This will give you an overview related to each area.
  4. You can Access Each Tab by clicking on External Link Icon mceclip2.pngor by clicking on the name.


  5. Invoices To Review: A list of all pending invoices - can be sorted by the admin.

  6. Blocked Invoices: A list of all blocked invoices  - showing details of AP errors and showing awaiting details information.

  7. Timekeeper Rates: A list of all timekeeper rates that need to be reviewed by the admin, see the guide here.

  8. Accruals: A tab for the Admin to review If their accruals are being submitted on time and a guide on reviewing accruals can be accessed here.

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