Editing Documents using Workspace Tools

Workspace Tools enables you to edit and check out documents from Workspace. This will open the document in your computer’s default application. You will also be able to keep documents checked out and locked while you work on them offline. 

If you have installed the workspace tools app [link], you can edit any file with the edit icon, and it will open the default editor on your computer.

Where do I get to edit a file?

There are many places where you can do this. 

  • Workroom Files > File Column > 3-dot menu > Edit File
    • If you don’t see the edit button, try a different browser, or look to see if the installation was successful and it is running
  • Workroom Files > Preview Column > Edit icon
  • All Dashboard Pages > Preview Sidebar
  • Workroom Tasks > Task/Subtask Document > Edit icon
  • All Dashboard Pages > Task/Subtask Sidebar > Task/Subtask Document > Edit icon

Checked out files

  • After you check a file out, it will automatically open its default app on your computer e.g. Microsoft Word.
  • As you edit the document, the app will periodically save your document.
  • When you are finished editing a document, save and close the app, and workspace tools will upload and check in the file.
  • For some file types, you will need to open the workspace tools window and upload the file manually.

File controls

  • Upload to cloud icon - Uploads and checks in the document
  • Pencil icon - Opens the checked-out file in your computer’s default app.
  • ‘X’ icon - Delete the checked-out file on your computer.


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