Reviewing an Invoice (Client Article)

When an invoice is pending your review, you will be notified via email. Alternatively, you can monitor your review queue. If you are an Ordinary User, this will be your landing page.



To begin reviewing an invoice:

  1. Find the relevant invoice by navigating to Menu > Invoices.
    Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 2.50.25 PM.png

  2. Click on the invoice number to access the Invoice Analysis page of that invoice.

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 3.12.02 PM.png

Top-level Information:

On the top left of the screen, you will have the invoice core information:



  1. Matter name: *standard field.
  2. Invoice number: Clicking on the invoice number allows you to edit the invoice number. *standard field.
  3. Invoice Currency: *standard field
  4. Law firm & Law firm office: *standard field
  5. Invoice status: *standard field.
  6. Invoice date: Your invoice date *standard field.
  7. Billing Period: The period your invoice covers *standard field.
  8. Entity: *standard field.
  9. Department: *standard field.
  10. Purchase order: Enabled based on configuration needs.
  11. Receipt Number: Enabled based on configuration needs.
  12. Ap Route: *standard field.

***If an invoice has resubmissions, you will see an additional field:

Click on the Latest drafts to see a list of the resubmissions, and click on the draft number to access the previous draft.


Line items, Expenses and Allocations:

Each of these is centered on the page. You can access them by their applicable buttons: 

Fees: This will list the extractive narrative lines from your Vendor PDF or LEDES file.

Expenses: This will list the expenses and codes from your vendor PDF or LEDES file

Allocations: If you have set allocations at the matter level, they will apply here to the invoice; if not, you can set them manually in this tab for the invoice.




Invoice Flags:

You can find the flags file on the left side of the invoice review page. Flags are generated by Brightflag's artificial intelligence.To see the flags in full view click the expand button at the end of the file which will give you a pop up where all details are visible.

If you want to engage the flag for an approval or reject just click on the toggle and watch the invoice values adjust per actions.

To see the lines associated with the flags click on the related flag and the middle panel will adjust to display the applicable lines.

Invoice Resourcing:
The Resourcing Tile covers the breakdown of timekeepers and their roles by line. If there is variations of a particular role for example Associate you can click on it to expand and show the other values.
If you click on any of these values it will display the related Narritive lines on the center panel.
Invoice Activities:
The Activities tile shows % breakdown of the activities that make up your narrative lines. If you click on any of these items you drill into more granual activities or if you click on the activity you need to find the lines which are connected to this activity will display in the Cenral panel.
Invoice Tasks:
The tasks tile shows process or outputs from the invoice or needed for the invoice. If you click into any of the items they will load up the related lines on the central panel for review.
Invoice Financial data:
On the top right, you will find the core financial details of your invoice. If you hover over the "Billed Total" and a pop up will show with a button to add an adjustment: 
This is also the section you will be offered Reject and approve buttons to action the invoice.
Downloading an invoice/Commenting on invoice:
Towards the top right of the page you have 3 buttons:
1. The paper clip is where any attachments can be extracted from the invoice.
2. Is the download button for both the PDF invoice and the Excel breakdown of the invoice.
3. The comment section of the invoice, internal comments along with approval and rejection messages are listed on this section.
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