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At Brightflag, we strive to continually improve our product. Keep up-to-date with our new releases and latest updates here refreshed monthly.

April 2022

New Report Builder Rollout đź› 

Our beta testing program has now been completed and we'll soon begin transitioning customers to the new Report Builder interface in phases. Your Customer Success Manager will be in contact shortly to let you know the exact timeline for your transition, but please reach out preemptively with any questions.

More Coming to Matter Budget Charts đź“Š

More enhancements are coming your way following last month’s Matter Budgeting update, including the ability to view charts according to billing period (rather than invoice date) and filter results into a custom date range.

As a reminder, the Brightflag Help Center is already full of detailed guides and video tutorials ready to point your budgeting workflows in the right direction. And, as always, don’t hesitate to ask your Customer Success Manager for assistance along the way.

March 2022

Matter Budgets Are Here đźŽ‰


The wait is over and its time to start budgeting!

  • Visualize matter budgets the way you need
  • Split your matter budget out by vendor and capture an internal budget
  • Enjoy seamless interaction between your top-down budgets and your rolled-up matter budgets

Check out our help center for video and written tutorials.


Join our Legal Service Requests Beta 

Join our Legal Service Requests Beta to have a smarter “front door” for your legal department in 2022. You can still access our new Legal Service Requests solution for free through the end of June.To get started, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


February 2022

Brightflag Workspace 🤝 Gmail

Want to get more work done from the comfort of your inbox? We get it. Using Brightflag Workspace’s new Gmail extension, you can:

  • Easily and securely send emails and attachments to relevant workrooms
  • Quickly convert emails and attachments into actionable tasks
  • Assign tasks, add due dates, update descriptions, and include instructions

Already using M365 for mail? Workspace already has you covered!

Legal Service Requests

Eager to install a smarter “front door” for your legal department in 2022? You can still access our new Legal Service Requests solution for free through the end of March. To get started, please contact your Customer Success Manager or feel free to reach out to our product owner Ciaran Gough directly.

January 2022

Introducing Brightflag’s new Legal Service Request Module

Forget the days of searching for legal service requests in multiple areas and spending even more time assigning them. Brightflag’s latest innovation offers corporate legal departments a powerful way to centralize the intake, triage requests, and understand the demand for legal services across the business. 

The Legal Service Requests module is a fully integrated part of the Brightflag Legal Operations Platform and is available in Beta immediately to all Brightflag customers at no additional cost through March 2022.

To learn more about Brightflag’s Legal Service Request, join us Thursday, January 20th at 2pm EST where we will deep dive into the module. 

Register Now 


Coming Soon: Report Builder 

Our new Report Builder has launched in beta format. We are looking forward to providing all customers with a live demo of all the new exciting functionality that you have been asking for at the webinar next month. We will then start to roll out the features to all of our customers in the coming months. 


Coming Soon: NEW Workspace Features

Brightflag Workspace is excited to share that in the coming weeks, we will be adding a Workspace Tools App and Gmail sidebar integration to our existing list of exciting features. Not only will these features improve productivity by enabling in-product document editing, but also make importing files and emails to a workroom from GSuite quick and easy. Be on the lookout for an update around these releases soon!


Brightflag's #LegalOps podcast: In-House Outliers

In this week’s episode, Alex interviews Brenda Hansen and Liz Lugones from UpLevel Ops. Brenda and Liz both share how they got started in their legal operations journey. They also share the importance of mentorship in their careers, and what it takes for legal operations professionals to be successful in 2022.

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November 2021

You might have heard… Brightflag has acquired Joinder 🎉

Brightflag has acquired Joinder, the system of record that legal professionals at more than 1,000 organizations use to securely track activities, collaborate with colleagues, and store work assets. Joinder is now known as Brightflag Workspace and forms an integral part of the Brightflag Legal Operations Platform.

Learn More 


Report Builder Glossary: Coming Soon 

The Report Builder will soon have a Glossary that will explain to you what each field refers to. This will give you a better ability to understand where the numbers in your reports come from in Brightflag. 


Report Builder Teaser 

We’re excited to share that we will be making significant upgrades to the Report Builder at the beginning of 2022! Don’t worry, we will let you know when to expect to see changes and we won’t mess with your year-end reporting! 


Brightflag's #LegalOps podcast: In-House Outliers 🎙️ 

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October 2021

  • Coming Soon: Brightflag is developing a Legal Service Request Portal that can be used by anyone in the business. This immediately removes the chore of data entry from the legal team and places that task with the person requesting legal assistance. This will help each client to use Brightflag as a one-stop shop for all their matters.

September 2021

  • New Multi-line Purchase Orders. Brightflag has upgraded the Purchase Order feature adding the ability for customers to break down their PO's into multiple lines. This means that:
    • Client users will see Multi-Line PO in the PO tab on a Matter page & the PO tab on an Invoice
    • Ability to add PO Comments
    • Start & End dates of PO's are now captured
    • API enabled
    • Law Firms/Vendors may be required to split out fees and expenses by PO line item (depending on client requirements.
  • Brightflag Awarded US Patent for AI Innovation in Legal Operations
    We have some exciting news...The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted Brightflag a patent for our innovative application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in legal technology! 

    "This patent confirms the uniqueness of Brightflag’s core technology, but its practical value is something that in-house legal teams have been confirming daily since 2014”
    - Ian Nolan, Brightflag CEO and Co-Founder 
    Watch the video below from COO and Co-Founder Alex Kelly to learn more about the patent
  • Click here for the September issue of the Brightflag newsletter.

August 2021

  • New Direct Cost Savings Canned Report. Brightflag has launched a new Direct Cost Savings Report beta version which is now available to Client Admin users of Brightflag. This is a new Brightflag report that will enable users to report on direct cost savings realized through Brightflag. This report makes it easier & quicker to report on how your organization has controlled and reduced cost through invoice review. Report and export from one central place on all types of Invoice Adjustments.

July 2021

  • Reporting API beta version is now available to clients to test. Please reach out to Brightflag support by Submitting a Request if interested and we can provide you with information on how to use this new API.

June 2021

  • Multi-Line Purchase Order Capabilities - This allows law firms/vendors to submit invoices broken down into different lines per fees and expenses per Purchase orders. Clients can see this multiple line information in the Purchase Order tab on the Matters page
  • Matter Confidentiality: We have added a legal support admin role with access to all admin settings but no access to matters & invoices. This new user role will have access to Vendor Management and Matter settings menus.
  • A new Matter Overview Tab on Matters Details Page gives a summary of details for a specific matter. This new feature also includes the ability to add notes within this Overview tab.

May 2021

  • A matter notes tab allows you to easily track information against a matter in a dedicated space. Go to the matter overview page to begin using it.
  • Matter template fields are available within both of the report builder matters reports.
  • If you require tax information or PO numbers from all of your vendors, you can now mandate LEDES 98Bi files, meaning no key information will be missing from your invoices. Submit a Request to Brightflag Support Team to enable this feature.

April 2021

  • A Brightflag-Outlook add-in is now available for several versions of Microsoft Outlook. At the click of a button, you can now store documents and emails directly to a matter in Brightflag from your Outlook.
  • Your vendors now have more autonomy with the creation of a new vendor admin role. Upgrade at least one user from each vendor to admin-level so that they can add new vendor office admins and view information across all offices. Submit a Request to Brightflag Support Team to enable this feature.

March 2021

  • Timekeeper rate submission and tracking have been enhanced:
    • 2 pages have been merged into 1.
    • The grid has been streamlined to allow for easy sorting and viewing.
    • Existing timekeeper rates can be updated more easily.
  • Invoice summary PDFs can now include tax information.
  • Vendor performance surveys can now be requested on open matters at any time
  • A new flag now alerts you when the narrative line dates are outside of the invoice billing period.
  • More file types can now be attached to AP email integration.
  • The user interface for the matter overview page has been improved.
  • The report builder landing screen load time performance has been improved.

February 2021

  • AP batch export spreadsheet now facilitates a new row per allocation string per invoice.
  • LEDES file errors can now be addressed more easily in the Brightflag Law Firm Portal. This reduces the need to create a new LEDES file from scratch.

January 2021

December 2020

November 2020

  • Monthly budget requests feature completed. Law firms can now request monthly budgets by downloading a template directly in Brightflag. Those requests can then be reviewed all in one place and approved in bulk. We’ve also added the ability for users to export the budgets from the budget review page and a new flag for breaches of monthly budgets.
  • Ability to identify the preferred counsel within the application.
  • Ability to select a PO number when submitting a pdf invoice from the customer portal.
  • Removal of vendor offices on Brightflag’s global list from the customer portal where the office isn’t linked to that customer.

October 2020

  • Enhanced the bulk matter updater to allow for the bulk closing of matters.
  • Visual identity refresh:

    • Upgraded the log-in pages and application header and password reset pages to include new Brightflag branding.

    • Upgraded all emails from the application to include the new branding and with updated support links.

  • Diversity feature: initial development completed which includes data collection, and reporting modules.

  • Updated vendor management to cater for specifying vendors as Preferred Counsel. Initial infrastructure has been put in place in the backend.
  • As part of ongoing technical improvements and security audits we have:

    • Updated Javascript Libraries used throughout the application.

    • Reconfigured and improved HTTP Security Headers.

    • Improved validation on file uploads.

    • Enhanced Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention.

    • Improved authentication and authorisation controls on APIs.

September 2020

  • Improved messaging when Accounts Payable email files exceed e-mail attachment limits and provided a link to download.
  • Configured Accruals reminders to be sent 5 days before the submission deadline.
  • Updated the Financial Budgets feature:
    • Added a link to access the matters that are included in the budget
    • Ability to edit the budget name.
  • Updated the Purchase Order feature to provide enhanced LEDEs98Bi support and added to the ability to enforce unique purchase order numbers.
  • Enhanced the Invoice Review screen for invoices that have Purchase Orders to include purchase order budget flags and block invoice approval where no Purchase Order is provided.
  • Security improvements made - updated the password encryption protocols, improved password reset flows and API message authentication.
  • Improved the performance of the Search Matters page.  

August 2020

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